EFI “Digital Sovereignty” (2019-2021)


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Project in interdisciplinary FAU-cluster: Discourses and Practices of Digital Sovereignty

Digital surveillance in democracies and autocracies (with Georg Glasze, Finn DammannTobias Zumbrägel und Thomas Demmelhuber)

Based on the concept of the relational sovereignty, which centers on the social interaction among actors, we want to analyse digital sovereignty in the scope of digital surveillance technology in different political settings. We identify three significant actors in the scope of surveillance practices, namely, government agencies, private corporations and ordinary people. Although the organization of these subjects may significantly differ regarding the regime types (i.e. democracies and autocracies), we argue in favor of a convergence of surveillance practices and justifications. This presumption is mainly based on a close interaction among them, which, however, needs to be better investigated. We want to figure out in what way these new technologies have been (a) adopted and implemented, (b) justified and (c) whether the implementation has led to debates and frictions in the public and private sphere (for example as trade-offs between individual and national data sovereignties).