Professorship of Political Science – Non-European Regions (Prof. Dr. Marco Bünte)

About the professorship


The Professorship Non-European Regions / Asia concentrates in teaching and research on the politics of East and Southeast Asia. It focusses on issues of democratization and authoritarian resilience, political institutions (militaries, constitutions, political parties etc.) and social movements (NGOs and protest movements), identity politics (populism) and the role of the internet. Another focus is on the international relations of Asia, the rise of China in Asia (particularly Southeast Asia) and issues of violence (terrorism, piracy and rebel movements).

The chair

Marco Bünte is currently Professor of Asian Politics and Society at the University Erlangen Nuremberg. He is also an Associate at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) in Hamburg. From 2012-2019, he was Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School at the School of Arts at Monash University (Malaysia). He had visiting appointments at City University Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China), Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand), Curtin University (Perth, Australia), the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Lipi (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Science Po (Paris, France). His research interests include issues of democratization and authoritarian resilience, human rights, social movements and identity politics. He is the Co-editor of the Journal of Current Southeast Asia Affairs, published by SAGE.  For more information, see CV