Advice and Tips for Scientific Work

In the obligatory lecture “Introduction to Political Science” and the corresponding tutorials, you will learn the necessary tools for working scientifically. In the following PDF (in German), you will find additionally some advice and tips for how to write scientific texts. If you have any doubts, ask your instructors about their requirements regarding the form and content.

Please note:

Intellectual property theft is not a trivial offense – we look for plagiarism and we find it!

Unfortunately, in the recent past, we have repeatedly experienced individual students trying to fool us by submitting papers they obviously and demonstrably did not write themselves. The instructors of the Institute for Political Science therefore expressly point out that all submitted papers are carefully checked to see if they have already been published elsewhere or made available on the internet and are downloaded from there. If, for instance, due to a discrepancy between the level of the term papers and the student’s other achievements, the plagiarism is not directly verifiable, all instructors reserve the right to question and determine whether the text in question is actually written by the students concerned. Of course, anyone who cheats does not receive a certificate, and has no opportunity to “fix” it!