Equal Partnerships at the Annual Conference of the International Studies Association

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In March 2023, the FAU team of the Equal Partnerships project participated at the Annual Conference of the International Studies Association. Joining young city diplomacy researchers from around the world, Janina Stürner-Siovitz and Lasse Juhl Morthorst presented their latest findings on the engagement of African cities in global climate mobility debates. Their work demonstrates that African cities aiming to mainstream climate mobility issues into their urban planning often see their efforts curbed by a lack of adequate political mandates, insufficient local data, financial, and human resources. To draw the attention of national and international actors to climate mobility issues, build new partnerships, and access new funding streams, a small number of African cities have launched city diplomacy in global dialogues on climate change and migration. Analyzing these recent developments, the FAU team discussed with the audience ways in which African cities claim recognition as relevant actors in global dialogues on climate mobility.