Social Studies Education launches e-learning module in 2020/21

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The BMBF-funded project “How to read and write” at the Institutes of Political Science and Sociology develops an e-learning module for FAU’s Social Studies Education Programme (Politik und Gesellschaft).

The project, supervised by Dr Ronald Staples and Dr Alexander Kruska, connects the disciplines of Political Science and Sociology as the core subjects of Social Studies Education in Germany. The planned e-learning module will provide an introduction to scientific work and techniques of academic reading to students.

In higher education, Digitalisation gives the opportunity to strengthen the self-responsibility of students by using digital self-study modules, while individualizing learning processes at the same time. Based on FAU’s existing digital learning environment, the new e-learning module will open the Social studies curriculum to digital learning and will provide a basis for future digitalisation in this field.

The project “How to read and write” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) via the FAU digitalisation project “Qualität in Studium und Lehre an der FAU (QuiS)” (Teilprojekt TP 08, “QuiS Digitalisierung in der Lehre”, 01PL17017, Förderprogramm Qualitätspakt Lehre (QPL)).


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Dr. Alexander Kruska