How satisfied are you with your studies? The CHE survey has begun.

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Image: FAU/Baumgaertel

The Center for Higher Education (CHE) in Gütersloh regularly carries out a large-scale student survey in Germany, and now it’s that time again. A significant part of the CHE ranking is made up of student evaluations, supplemented by facts about studies, facilities and research. The CHE makes the results available online and also publishes a study guide with the German weekly DIE ZEIT. Please tell the CHE about your experiences as a political science student at FAU! The CHE ranking serves as a guide for many prospective students, and your feedback is important to them. This independently conducted survey is also of great importance for quality management at FAU. The Institute of Political Science looks forward to the results and will take them up in a dedicated Commission on Teaching and also in the collegial management of the institute, a committee in which all professors as well as selected representatives of the mid-level academic staff are represented.

Bachelor students from the 3rd semester onwards are surveyed. Invitations with personalized links to the questionnaire will be sent out on December 13, 2023 (please check your FAU emails). The questionnaire can be filled out by February 4th, 2024. We are looking forward to your feedback! On the importance of participation, CHE’s Dr. Marc Hüsch explains:

“A high level of participation in the student survey is very important so that a sufficient number of evaluations are available for statistical analysis. If the response numbers are too low, the results for individual universities cannot be included in the CHE university ranking and prospective students will miss important information when choosing a university” (see CHE 2023 for the German original).

We therefore ask all Bachelor students at the institute (from the 3rd semester onwards) to participate in the survey. Thank you!