New article on warfare and state formation by Dr. Johannes Jüde published in the European Journal of International Relations (EJIR)

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War made the state, and the state made war” is Charles Tilly’s famous dictum that has become highly influential both in comparative macrosociology and in International Relations. However, its applicability to warfare in the Global South is controversial. While some argue that the relationship remains the same, others are skeptical of the effects of the bellicist mechanism.

In his new EJIR-article, Dr. Jüde engages in a more thorough investigation of whether the bellicist relationship holds in the Global South. He develops an original theoretical argument that explains both under which conditions war makes states and when it does not and conducts a plausibility probe of this model drawing on evidence from case studies on Eritrea, Namibia and Somaliland.

The article has been published as “online first” can be accessed here.