New book by David Schkade: The Logic of the Political / Die Logik des Politischen

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Campus has published the monograph “The Logic of the Political. Kojève’s Political Philosophy between Phenomenology and Propaganda” by Dr. phil. David Schkade. Alexandre Kojève has become known for his rediscovery of Hegel and as a bureaucrat of European integration. This first German-language Kojève monograph illuminates his understanding of the political. It contours a philosopher who takes Hegel’s identity of concept and time radically to its logical conclusion. Kojève’s political philosophy aims to describe phenomenologically the problem of autonomy inherent in Hegelian time. In doing so, however, it moves fluidly into propaganda in its anticipation of the universality of the friend group and the homogeneity of the governing and the governed. This is a book for anyone who wants to learn more about Kojève’s astonishingly contemporary political philosophy. Further information can be found on the homepage of Campus Verlag