Populism and Brexit – article by Erik Vollmann and Tim Griebel analyses twitter discourses during the European Election of 2019

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Anti-Brexit protest sign, Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 license, copyright Sam Saunders

The Brexit is a European crisis that majorly influenced political campaigning for the election of the European Parliament in 2019. But discursive battles were fought not only in the political arena but also on twitter. A new interdisciplinary contribution with co-authors Erik Vollmann and Tim Griebel combines perspectives from Cultural Studies, Corpus Linguistics and Political Science.

The article by Christoph Adrian, Philipp Heinrich, Tim Griebel and Erik Vollmann sheds light on common and diverging discourse patterns in the British, French and German twitter spheres on Brexit during the last European elections. Though pro- and anti-European populism occurred, twitter mainly functioned as an echo chamber of national public issues.

You can access the article (in German) via Springer VS.