Try something new – a semester in New Zealand

Robin Bohn in New Zealand
Image: Robin Bohn

Robin Bohn, who studies political science at FAU, spent a semester in New Zealand through an exchange program. His conclusion:

Through an Erasmus+ partnership program of FAU, I had the opportunity to study for a semester at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Applying for a semester abroad was perhaps the best decision I made during my studies. It takes some courage to move to an unfamiliar country, especially if you travel alone and don’t know anyone there. However, you quickly get to know other students who are in the same situation once you’re there. This is a great chance to meet people from all over the world and make new friendships that will last beyond the exchange semester. Moreover, you receive all the support you need from the program. Financially, the waived tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses help a lot. In addition, the contact persons are glad to help with any questions you may have. A semester abroad is less of a challenge and more of an opportunity – a unique chance to meet new people, to gain new perspectives, and to further develop oneself. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on while studying! The institute regularly holds information sessions where you can learn everything you need to know. If you would like to learn more about my exchange semester in New Zealand, check out my blog (in German language) on the DAAD-website: Robin: Ans andere Ende der Welt nach Neuseeland – Nationale Agentur für Erasmus+ Hochschulzusammenarbeit – DAAD