Dr. Janina Heaphy

Dr. Janina Heaphy

former Postdoctoral Researcher

Janina Heaphy worked as research associate at the Institute of Political Science (Prof. Dr. Katrin Kinzelbach), where she taught and researched human rights, foreign policy, and security studies. In her doctoral research Janina Heaphy focused on human rights safeguards as strategic tools in foreign policymaking, with a particular emphasize on the development of American, British, and German anti-torture safeguards during the ‘War on Terror’. In parallel to her doctoral studies, she worked as a research associate for the DFG-funded project “Western Democracies and Extraterritorial Human Rights Violations”. Her research has been published in the European Journal of International Relations, as well as in the journals Policy&Politics and Perspectives on Politics. Previously, Janina Heaphy worked at the Universities of Leiden, Bamberg, Munich (LMU), and at Aston University Birmingham. Since October 2023, she holds a new position as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Human Rights Erlangen Nürnberg (CHREN).

Research interests

  • Human rights violations
  • Foreign policymaking
  • Counterterrorist operations
  • International organizations
  • Accountability & Accountability aversion


  • Monograph
    • Heupel M., Heaphy C., & Heaphy J. (2022). US Counterterrorism and the human rights of foreigners
      abroad – Putting the Gloves Back on?, Routledge Studies in Human Rights, New York: Taylor & Francis.
  • Articles (*peer-reviewed)
    • Forthcoming: Heaphy, J. (2023). When Identity Meets Strategy – The development of British and German anti-torture policies since 9/11. Cooperation and Conflict.*
    • Heaphy, J. (2023) Book Review: American Torture from the Philippines to Iraq: A Recurring Nightmare, by William L. d’Ambruoso. Perspectives on Politics, 21(1).
    • Heaphy, J. (2022). British counterterrorism, the international prohibition of torture, and the Multiple Streams Framework, Policy & Politics, 50(2), pp. 225-241.*
    • Heupel M., Heaphy C., & Heaphy J. (2021). Seeing Reason or Seeing Costs? The United States, counterterrorism, and the human rights of foreigners, European Journal for International Relations, 28(1), pp.131-157.*
  • Others
    • Heaphy, J. (2023). The development of extraterritorial human rights safeguards as a strategic tool in foreign policy-making: American, German, and British approaches towards the international prohibition of torture since 9/11. Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg.
    • Heaphy, J. (2022). Why refrain from torturing foreigners abroad? 20/04/2022 in: Policy & Politics Journal Blog; https://policyandpoliticsblog.com/2022/04/20/why-refrain-from-torturing-foreigners-abroad-british-counterterrorism-and-the-international-prohibition-of-torture/
    • Lang, J. (2016). Dossier EU-Türkei Abkommen. Nürnberg: Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge.