Yearbook Political Thought

About the Yearbook

The Yearbook Political Thought (Jahrbuch Politisches Denken) is published with Duncker und Humblot  in collaboration with the „Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des Politischen Denkens“ (DGEPD) since 1991. Corresponding to the aims of the association, the Yearbook fosters transdisciplinary, scientific research that has political thought, international and in its whole breadth, as its object of inquiry, as well as the exchange between political thought and practical politics.

Texts submitted for publication go through a peer review. Typescripts have to be submitted anonymously to the editors as a duplicate hardcopy as well as in electronic form (a common file-format) to the editorial office, University of Vechta, Dr. Martin Schwarz. The  Information about formatting is available at

Publishers send reviewer’s copies of their publications to the editorial office, University of Vechta, Dr. Martin Schwarz.


Hans-Christof Kraus, Frank-Lothar Kroll, Peter Nitschke, Eva Helene Odzuck und Martin Schwarz

Scientific Advisory Council

Karl Dietrich Bracher (Bonn), Reinhard Brandt (Marburg),
John Dunn (Cambridge), Iring Fetscher † (Frankfurt),
Wilhelm Hennis † (Freiburg), Dieter Henrich (München),
Otfried Höffe (Tübingen), Hasso Hofmann (Berlin),
Nikolaus Lobkowicz (Eichstätt), Hermann Lübbe (Zürich),
Odo Marquard † (Gießen), Kenneth Minogue (London),
J. G. A. Pocock (Hopkins University), Melvin Richter (New York),
Quentin Skinner (Cambridge), Michael Stolleis (Frankfurt)