Materials for students // graduates // dissertation projects

Materials and Information for Students

Information for the students: Letters of recommendation

Members of our team can provide you with a letter of recommendation in case you are applying for scholarships, internships, study abroad programs or else. Please make sure you contact us at least 4 weeks ahead so we have enough time to prepare your request.

Guide for the mentoring (DOC)

Information for students interested in a PhD project

If you are interested in applying for a PhD/dissertation at our chair, please consider the following conditions/requirements:

General conditions: A master degree in political science or in an intersection between political science and Middle Eastern studies is required (final grade at least 2,0 – German grading scale; i.e. “excellent”).

Potential topics: You should make sure that the topic of your dissertation matches the research interests of the chair.

Preparation of a proposal: You should hand in a proposal of approximately 10 pages that captures your research question and its scientific relevance, an overview of the methodology you are planning to adapt as well as possible outcomes of your research.

As a doctoral candidate, you are expected to submit a formal application of your dissertation project at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, sign a supervision agreement, and participate in the research colloquium (weekly event during the semester). Once every semester, doctoral candidates should present the state of their research in the colloquium.